Addressing Title IX sexual harassment, intimidation, or bullying can be challenging. Prevention and risk management are fundamental. And if there are allegations they must be resolved fairly, efficiently, and objectively. Moreover, it is essential that any inquiry is conducted by neutral, independent investigators. In fact, the latest guidance from the US Department of Education emphasizes that institutional interests not interfere with the impartiality of any investigation. Forensic Risk Management Group (FRMG) is an independent group of attorneys, psychologists, investigators and education professionals with decades of experience in successfully addressing interpersonal violence and managing institutional risk. FRMG can ensure that any institutional response complies with federal law.

Experienced. Independent. Reliable.

Forensic Risk Management Group (FRMG) provides expert analysis of institutional practices to assist school districts, universities and corporations where Title IX sexual harassment, intimidation, or bullying is under review. FRMG specialists have highly specific skills to investigate, address and prevent high risk practices that could result in litigation.

An immediate response is imperative.

Title IX sexual harassment, intimidation, bullying and similar investigations can be quite complex in the modern workplace. FRMG has the experience to assist institutions in dealing with these serious matters.

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